Donkey Republic Pricing

          Find a flexible and affordable solution that fits you

          Just Ride
          No strings attached – with our pay as you ride option you can take short or long trips in the city. Forget about calculations, just get on a Donkey Bike and ride. The longer you ride, the cheaper the minutes get.

          ? Rent for short trips or even multiple days
          ? You can rent up to 5 bikes with one booking
          ? No strings attached, just ride and pay at the end

          Costs vary in different cities, so it’s always best to check current prices in the Donkey Republic app.

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          Get more bang for your buck and ride cheaper. Top up your Wallet and we give you more credit for your money.

          Monthly membership payments or fees cannot be paid using your Wallet credit. However, you can use your Wallet to rent electric vehicles or to cover the costs of exceeding your free time allowance on a membership.

          Local Memberships
          If you need to get on a bike on a more regular basis, let’s say more than 5 times a month, then you should check out our local bike-share memberships for a fixed monthly price.

          ? Unlimited number of rentals
          ? Free riding time with all rentals
          ? Theft or flat tires? Leave it to us
          ? Valid in all Donkey cities
          ? No binding period, cancel and you shall be free

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