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Here at Donkey Republic we took this time to slow down and focus on improving our apps and services. We looked into our riders’ needs, behaviour and feedback to develop some new upgrades and improve user experience. We have added the Donkey Wallet as a new pricing product and PayPal as a payment option to the Donkey app.

Donkey Wallet and credits

As of last week, you can add credits starting from 100DKK or €10 into your Donkey Wallet for immediate or future use. For each top-up, we will add additional credits for you to get more bang for your buck.

Current offers may differ from the ones on the picture. Please see our current offers in the app.

Please note that monthly membership payments or fees cannot be paid using your Wallet credit. However, you can use your Wallet to rent electric vehicles or to cover the costs of exceeding your free time allowance on a membership.

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PayPal support

We have listened to your feedback and added Paypal as a payment option in the App. This is the second payment option implemented this year after Dutch riders and cities had requested for iDEAL to be integrated.



7-day membership?

Our new 7-day membership was introduced at the beginning of the lockdowns across Europe to allow you to keep Donkey Bikes for up to a week and share a little less during this period.


Faster and smoother unlocking

In the background, we have also improved the core functions of Donkey Bikes. With the latest update, the lock connects faster via Bluetooth to the App, which makes locking and unlocking a smoother experience.?

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