Cycling in Odense – Top things to see

Nestled in the middle of Denmark, Odense is the third-largest Danish city and the hometown of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. This lesser-known gem of a city revamped their center to make cycling in Odense a default – with over 540km of cycling bridges and bicycle-only roads intersecting the heart of the city.

Cycling Rules

But before you start pedalling furiously… safety first! Check out some of the Odense cycling rules.

We’ve put together a list of top tips for locals and visitors alike to explore while cycling in Odense on a Donkey Bike!

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Fairytale fans will be spoilt for choice with numerous places to visit and find out more about the great author. The museum, in particular, is the reported birthplace of Andersen that houses an exhibition on his fantastical life and the stories we all grew up loving.

Top things to see in Odense
Source: Nigel Swales

Funen Village

This quaint open-air museum was opened during the German occupation for citizens to gather and sing patriotic songs. The collection of 30 buildings will give you a pretty vivid idea of what traditional Denmark was like. The Funen Village is a great day out for the whole family.

Top things to see in Odense
Source: Den Fynske Landsby

Brandts Kl?defabrik

If history isn’t so much your thing, then head down to the old Brandts textile mill to enjoy more contemporary art and photographs. Take some time to enjoy the architecture of the building as well – see how the old and new mesh so well together. We recommend popping into the shop to grab a great little arty souvenir as well!

Top things to see in Odense
Source: Seiya Ishibashi

Munkemose Park

This beautiful green space was saved from being built on by the municipality at the end of the 1800s and we are grateful that it was. Strap a little picnic basket to the front of your bicycle and head on down to Munkemose park for the afternoon.

Cycling in Odense - Top things to see by Donkey Republic bike rental bike-share


Egeskov Castle

Just a train ride out of the city, the Egeskov Castle is definitely worth the trip. Sitting on a little island in the middle of the lake, this castle has been untouched since the 16th century. Spend the afternoon travelling back in time as you marvel at the gorgeous architecture and visit the variety of museums there. If you are looking for modern culture and music, Egeskov Castle also hosts Heartland festival each year.

Top things to see in Odense
Source: Egeskov Castle

Odense Harbour Bath

If you are visiting during the summer months, you will find most of the city cooling down by the Harbour Bath swimming pool. A refreshing swim is always ideal after a long day of cycling. There is also a great flea market close by which is a great place to find some hidden treasures.

Cycling in Odense - Top things to see by Donkey Republic bike rental bike-share

We’re excited for you to explore our brand new Donkey city so hop on your trusty orange steed and enjoy cycling in Odense!

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